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Bon Appetit: Pork Demonstration

Management and chefs of Midwest Bon Appetit were excited to attend a pork demonstration by Clemens Food Group on Tuesday, the 25th of September. Clemens has been operating since 1895 and deals with all things pork. Representatives of Clemens demonstrated the cuts of pork available to Bon Appetit chefs and where they are located in the animal using a plastic mold of one of their pigs (nicknamed the Notorious P.I.G). Clemens has strict policies on way that they raise their pigs-- including a completely vegetarian diet, no antibiotics or growth promotants ever, group housed sows, and a passionate commitment to pre-implementation group housing. The majority of pig farmers utilize gestation stalls to farrow their sows meaning their animals spend about 114 days out of every year isolated in a small pen. Clemens is determined to eliminate this inhumane practice by housing their sows together and ensuring the long term wellbeing of their animals. Bon Appetit is grateful to work with Clemens and share their common core values of ethics, integrity, and environmental stewardship.

This post was written by Anya Ptacek, a study worker in Bon Appetit.

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