Macalester Sustainability Office
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MacSHARE had another successful semester selling affordable, healthy, local, and just food on campus.  This semester MacSHARE partnered with Good Acre, a local food hub that supports Twin Cities farmers, many of whom are members of marginalized communities.  Good Acre provided MacSHARE with fresh produce (including giant sweet potatoes!) all the way through December 6, the last sale of the semester. In addition to produce from Good Acre, MacSHARE sources some bulk and dry goods from Co-op Partners Warehouse and coffee from Roots Roasting (right on St. Clair).  MacSHARE’s goal is to continue changing our food system to benefit the people who grow our food and the environment. The vision is for a Sustainable, Healthy, Anti-Racist Economy through food. Let us know if you’d like to be added to their mailing list.

This post was written by Collin Dobie, a student worker in the Sustainability office.

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