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Plant Forward Lunch Series

This semester, the Health and Wellness Center with the Sustainability Office held three plant forward lunches with nutritionist Christina Meyer-Jax.  The lunches were an opportunity for students to learn more about eating a plant-forward diet for reasons ranging from ethical and environmental concerns to wanting to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Each of the three lunches focused on a different aspect of eating a plant-forward diet, with special emphasis on getting enough protein, dietary restrictions from food allergies, and healthy food on a budget.  The last couple of years have seen an increase in student concerns about the environmental impact of meat consumption on campus, and these lunches are part of an effort to advocate for less meat consumption by providing education around eating more plants.  The phrase “plant-forward” is meaningful, indicating that being vegetarian or vegan is not the only way to eat a healthy or low impact diet. If you would like to see these lunches happen again, please let us know!

This post was written by Collin Dobie, a student worker in the Sustainability office.

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