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December Theme: Health

December Theme: Health

This month's theme is health. There is a strong connection between health and social justice. Many actions that one can take to better their health can also lessen the effects of climate change. Eating plant based, walking, biking and being tobacco free is great for you and the environment! Within the Macalester community it is important to include health issues in sustainability conversations. Learn more about these issues and how you can become involved!


What has Macalester done?

The Macalester Sustainability Office has partnered with the Macalester Wellness center to make personal, community and policy differences. Click below to learn more about Macalesters commitment to the intersection of wellness and sustainability!


What is our Plan?

The Macalester College Sustainability Plan is a document designed to set concrete goals for college sustainability and track the implementation of the signed sustainability pledges. The document was designed to include social justice throughout.


What is Coming Up?

There are many things you can do to get involved with sustainability and wellness issues on campus and in the Twin Cities!